by Jean-Philippe Dury

There are days where there is no light, when you are trapped within your mind. You have become both the cell and the prisoner. Living in this cell, all colors are turned to shades of gray. How can you escape when you are both the cell and the human inside? It is these days when we refuse to search for the light, when we relinquish ourselves to suffering, that our soul will age. It is about the fight you face when you find yourself trapped within your mind

“Youth is not a period of life;
it is a state of the spirit, an effect of the will,
a quality of the imagination, an emotional intensity,
a victory of courage over shyness,
a preference for adventure instead of convenience.
We do not grow old
because we live a certain number of years:
we grow old because we awaken from the ideal of youth.
The years wrinkle the skin, but renouncing to this ideal
wrinkles our soul.” Cel de Lluís Maicas



Choreography: Jean-Philippe Dury
Music: Hildur Gudnadöttir
Costume design: Mathilde Cotevertte

Medium/Large format
Length: 28 minutes
Premiere: Compañía Nacional de Danza, Madrid 2013
🏆 Talent Madrid price Award 2013

The poetic and melancholic tone of the work is enhanced with choreographic elements such as the projection on cyclorama, sometimes the sky - a somewhat kitsch scene - and others from performer herself that is as beautiful as the spiritual revival of the mind and body melted on stage and video projection. A striking choreography (...)
DIARIO Bahía de Cádiz