by Jean-Philippe Dury

Dury uses the body of a woman in constant “free fall” on the original music of Teresa Catalán, “The dance of the Princess”. The vertigo, the risk, the questioning of the limits, the tempting apple, these are the elements of this performance.

The work caused a sensation of danger in the audience: the slightest vibration could cause the irremediable fall of Valentina. It is an emergency and urgent trip. Who will pick her up after its collapse? The piece questioned aspects of gender relations from the solitude of a female body. The powerful partition of Teresa Catalán and the radical choreography of Jean-Philippe will leave us breathless.



Choreography: Jean-Philippe Dury
Music: Teresa Catalán (“La danza de la Princesa” – 2010)
Dancer: Valentina Pedica
Light: Pablo Rodríguez Soanes
Video & photos: José Luis Magaña

Small format
Length: 14 minutes
Premiere: Festival Ellas Crean

(...) a frankly beautiful score, with all the richness of the sound to conceive a great dance piece. However, the choreographer J.P. Dury has concentrated all that musical torrent in the intimate meditation of a dancer alone with her body. (...) he takes it almost to the extreme, with his choreography; vertigo, risk, violence, in an, a little bit, sordid aesthetic.