Cinderella, the dream

Jean-Philippe Dury

A magic dream… the time of an instant suspended in the night.

Choreography: Jean-Philippe Dury
Light and stage: Marc Bartolo, ALberto Palanques.
Costume design: Mathilde Cotteverte

Medium format, 10 dancers
Length: 80 minutes

Elegance, precision and fluidity are the hallmarks of Elephant in the Black Box. After his presentation last year and his tour by New York, Houston, Seoul or Bangkok, Jean-Philippe Dury releases a work that positions him as one of the most interesting choreographers today. After his stage as a performer in prestigious companies such as the Paris Opera, the Ballet de Monte-Carlo and the Compagnie Nationale de Danse. Here, he shows a very theatrical dance piece that awakens us at times and recalls the works of Pina Bausch. A creator with a great future.
Adolfo Simón